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Can’t find a good thyroid doctor near you?

I have vetted the practitioners on this page so that you can have comprehensive thyroid care without traveling hours for every appointment.

The doctors listed below offer complete thyroid lab testing, prescribe treatment options, treat root causes, while providing personalized care for your needs.

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    Paloma Health brings the benefits of comprehensive remote medicine to hypothyroid patients! Paloma Health is the only telemedicine provider focusing exclusively on hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. The company’s goal is to provide end-to-end thyroid care from the comfort of your own home. Their service includes full thyroid panel testing, consultations, prescriptions, monitoring, and nutritional guidance specifically for thyroid patients.

    Appointments Include:

    Consultations with doctors who specialize in a functional medicine approach to thyroid conditions Complete, comprehensive thyroid testing in the comfort of your own home
    Long-standing relationship with the same doctor who knows you and can personalize your care

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