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ThyroidChange, LLC relies on media outlets, business partnerships and affiliate marketing to increase its reach while publishing quality content. I seek dynamic collaborations to help companies reach their goals while providing my community with the most current information and trusted health products.

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Media Kit

Reach a global audience!

According to the World Health Organization, more than 750 million people worldwide have thyroid disease. The ThyroidChange website and social media platforms have demonstrated success in reaching a global population!

Read my media kit below. To download, click the arrow in the center or use the 3-dot button to email it to yourself. If you would like to collaborate or view my rate card, send me a message below!

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Who Do I Reach?

I reach a large number of thyroid patients and practitioners worldwide!

I publish to over 108K followers on Facebook, thousands more on other platforms, over 32K subscribers in my email list, and a website reach that is continuing to grow.

My reach extends to patients who have other related conditions, too.

Many individuals in my community are also diagnosed with other related disorders such as chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, and nutritional deficiencies, to name a few.

I have an engaged audience across the ThyroidChange site and all platforms. 

1 in 10 people have a thyroid disorder and new patient-visitors are constantly engaging with my platform looking for the latest in thyroid-related news, information, and resources.

My thyroid community encompasses all cultures, ages, and levels of wellness.  

I have a diverse community of patients suffering from thyroid disease or a related health condition. Your partnership can help reach a broad range of individuals around the world.

How Can I Partner?

Many ways to achieve your goals.

We can work together to tailor an approach specific to your needs, whether it be through affiliate marketing or a larger partnership. There are many creative ways to lend your talent, resources, and financial support to help end thyroid patient suffering while showcasing your business or services.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Partnering Campaigns: Create larger-scale campaigns by aligning your brand with ThyroidChange, one of the world’s largest thyroid-related networks. I have many opportunities for partnering placement throughout my website, newsletter, and social media outlets.
  • Webinars, Podcasts, Programs: Build our mutual reach by expanding services offered to my community such as podcasts, webinars, or other educational opportunities.
  • Advertising: Reinforce brand recognition with consumers seeking complementary support. I can feature your brand or product on my website pages, within blog posts, in my newsletter, or on my social media posts.  
  • Affiliate Marketing: Target key audiences through affiliate marketing. I can feature your related products with affiliate marketing strategies and percentage-based or pay-per-click compensation. 
  • Blog Content:  Engage with my community by offering sponsored blog content to be featured within my network. Likewise, I can review your product or service in either my blog or yours.
  • Sponsored Posts on Social Media: Increase your social reach and drive authentic engagement around your content through targeted sponsored posts on my social media channels.
  • Incentives or Discounts: Provide patients with incentives and discounts for your products creating a mutual benefit for both you and my community.

Current Partners

Brands that are uniting for change.

Many types of organizations have chosen to unite with ThyroidChange. You could be listed among other notable brands to show your support and to demonstrate your commitment to better health:


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