Your Top Thyroid Questions Answered: Q&A with Dr. Lisa Hunt of Holtorf Medical Group

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lisa Hunt, D.O., an integrative physician at Holtorf Medical Group ( in El Segundo, CA a short while ago. I polled my audience and your top thyroid-related questions are answered here by Dr. Hunt. Dr. Hunt is a board-certified integrative physician and has extensive experience in thyroid health, hormone replacement, immune dysfunction and chronic conditions.

Diagnosed With a Thyroid Condition? 10 Steps to Get You Started

Pursuing proper treatment and an overall healthy lifestyle that includes eating well and exercising can help you manage a thyroid condition. But what else can you do to live well with and thrive with your condition? The information can be overwhelming and Annabel Bateman, thyroid health advocate and author, has created this guide to walk you through essential lifestyle tips once you have been diagnosed.​

11 Tips On How To Take Your Thyroid Medication Properly

Are you taking your thyroid hormone replacement medication correctly? Did you know that how and when you take your thyroid medication can affect your ability to absorb the necessary hormone properly? In the article below, I investigate the factors that contribute to correctly (or incorrectly) taking thyroid replacement hormone and on how thyroid patients can get the most out of their medication.

Why Is Integrative Thyroid Care Essential? Q&A with Dr. Tiffany Mullen of Vytal Health

Tune in and listen to Denise Roguz of ThyroidChange interview integrative practitioner and hormone expert, Dr. Tiffany Mullen, DO, FABFM, ABOIM, and Co-Founder of integrative telemedicine company, Vytal Health ( You will learn why functional medicine is essential for many thyroid patients and how can it make a difference for you. The audience’s pressing thyroid questions are answered by Dr. Mullen at the end of the talk. What would you like to know?

How It Took Over 20 Years to Diagnose My Thyroid Condition

Do you know someone who was diagnosed with ADHD, depression, anxiety, or a mood disorder? Read about one patient’s journey struggling with various mental disorders only to discover 20+ years later that it was a thyroid condition all along. If you know someone with a similar case, have them look into getting a full thyroid panel along with a doctor who understands optimal ranges.

Smoked Salmon Omelette with Raisins and Pine Nuts for Thyroid Health

This quick, simple, and tasty omelette recipe is the perfect gluten-free solution when you have ingredients in your fridge and you are not sure what to come up with! Annabel Bateman, thyroid patient health advocate and cookbook author at What Annabel Cooks, created this delicious thyroid healthy recipe.

3 Reasons Why Patients Don’t Feel Well On T4-Only Medication

Aside from not being on the correct dose, what are the reasons why you may not be feeling well on T4-only medication (e.g. Synthroid, levothyroxine)? Thyroid medication options and dosing are as varied as the individual patient. Many patients and practitioners report that T4-only medication doesn’t always resolve patient symptoms. There are reasons for this. ThyroidChange contributing writer, Kent Holtorf, MD, discusses three important reasons why in the following article.

​How Can I Qualify for Social Security Disability With A Thyroid Disorder?

We all know how troubling a thyroid condition can be and if you have a thyroid disorder that is severe enough to render you disabled, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Consider your condition and if you have debilitating fatigue, pain, heart issues, brain fog, mental impairments, or a combination of the many associated symptoms and you find yourself unable to work, please read on…

My 10 Most Surprising Thyroid Symptoms

Symptoms of thyroid disease can reveal themselves in many different ways. Discussing the many presentations of thyroid disease can help individuals recognize when they should have their thyroid hormone levels checked. Thyroid patient advocate, writer, and author, Rachel Hill discusses the ten most surprising thyroid symptoms that she faced as a result of the condition. If you identify with these symptoms, you should request a full thyroid panel run by a medical professional.